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Color Palette Meme: Color Twist + Lydia

5SOS Preference #11: You Get Caught Wearing His Underwear


‘’Hey babe?’’ Michael peek his head around the door, ‘’the boys and I were wondering if you wanted to join us for a film marathon.’’ You nodded eagerly and rolled out of bed. ‘’I would love to, thanks.’’ You walked over to Michael, throwing your arms around his neck and pecked his cheek. Automatically Michael’s arms had snug around your waist, pressing you closer into his posture. His eyes were focused on your hip and your raised your eyebrow at him, following his intense gaze. Michael leaned closer and whispered ‘’are those my boxers?’’, snapping the band that showed just above your jeans. Your cheeks turned red as you nodded. ‘’Yes, sorry, I didn’t have any spare clothing here whe-‘’ Michael shut you up with a feverish kiss on the lips. ‘’No need to apologize, I like it?’’ ‘’what?’’ you asked confused. Michael let out a low chuckle ‘’I like it when you were my boxers, I like the imagine of your pussy rubbing the same material as my dick.’’ Michael whispered in your ear, nibbling at your earlobe. ‘’Michael!’’ you scoffed. Michael let out a loud laugh, clearly not ashamed by his dirty mouth. ‘’What? It’s true’’ ‘’hm’’ you replied unimpressed. ‘’It is really really hot’’ Michael murmured into your ear before smashing his lips breathlessly onto mine, one hand slipping under the hem of your shirt to draw little circles on my skin. ‘’Can you guys stop making out and join us for the film marathon?’’ Calum groaned loudly. You started to laugh and broke away from the kiss, walking up to the other boys but not before Michael snapped the waistband of his boxers one more time.


You walked into the kitchen, greeting Calum, Michael and Ashton who were already discussing something, waiting for Luke. ‘’Hi [Y/N]’’ they greeted you back, not taking their gaze of the piece of paper infront of them. You smiled and walked to the cupboards, standing on your tiptoes to grab a plate. When you turned around Michael had smirked up at you, Calum and Ashton exchanged a glance before also smirking at you. You rested your hands on your hips and cocked your eyebrow ‘’what?’’ Michael laughed, ‘’you are wearing Luke’s boxer’’, you instantly turned a shade of red. ‘’Oh um yeah’’ you mumbled before turning around and walking to the fridge. ‘’They probably had a lot of sex’’ ‘’AAAAAAH, LUKE, FASTER, FASTER.’’ ‘’YES, LUKE, RIGHT THERE BABY’’, The boys broke out in a fit of laughter ‘’let’s see if she has marks too’’ Calum exclaimed and all three of the boys ran up to you. You groaned and pushed them away, ‘’it’s just fucking underwear’’ you hissed at them. ‘’Well yeah, but it is his underwear’’ Ashton giggled, ‘’your vagina is basically touching the same material as his balls’’ Calum laughed. You rolled your eyes, ‘’well so is the bed sheet’’ you mumbled, secretly hoping they didn’t hear. Sadly they had heard you sassy comment, ‘’so you admit you fucked?’’ Michael said wiggling his eyebrows. You sighed and nodded your head, there was no way around it. ‘’NICE ONE HEMMINGS’’ Michael yelled as Luke walked in, he cocked his eyebrow up at you. You shook your head, giving him the ‘you-don’t-want-to-know’ look.


Carefully you entered your house, nobody was awake yet and you wanted to keep it that way. Yesterday night you had snug out to spend some time with Calum, and fell asleep at his place. You carefully placed your jacket on the bench in the hall before entering the kitchen and making yourself some coffee and cereal. ‘’You are up early’’ you heard your mum say, as she walked the stairs. ‘’Hm yeah couldn’t sleep anymore’’ you mumbled, sipping your coffee trying to avoid her questioning gaze. You stood to grab some more milk, your mum’s eyes following you intensely. You opened the fridge and bent down to grab the milk when your mum cleared her throat. ‘’I don’t remember buying you boxers’’ she states lightly. I internally curse, before thinking of a way to cover up. ‘’Oh yeah I bought one to try on they looked rather comfy’’ you explained like it was the most logic thing in the world. ‘’Honey, I know you were with Calum last night’’ your mum started, ‘’I checked your bedroom.’’ A blush crept on your cheek as you looked down at your feet obviously caught. ‘’It’s fine if you spend the night with Calum’’ she said, smiling warmly at you ‘’just bring spare clothes and let us know yeah?’’ You nodded, stunned with you mum’s response. You kissed her cheek ‘’thanks mum.’’ She laughed and tood up, walking back upstairs ‘’just change before your dad sees!’’ She warned, winking at you.


You and your friend lounged around on the sofa watching re-runs of Friends when the bell door rang. You hopped up on your feet and walked to the door to be greated by a smiling Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum. ‘’Can we chill here for a bit we are rather bored’’ Michael explained, eyeing your questioning look. ‘’Sure!’’ you friend exclaimed happily behind you. ‘’We will just make ito ne big slumber party!’’ You rolled your eyes at her excitement but let the boys in anyway. ‘’What would you like to drink?’’ You asked the boys, walking to the kitchen with your friend on your heels. ‘’Do you have some beer?’’ Calum yelled from the living room. ‘’Yes!’’ you yelled back, ‘’four beers then’’ got shouted back. You nodded and opened the fridge and stood on your tiptoes to reach for the beers. You felt your friend watching you intensly but brushed it off, asking her to grab some snacks. When you walked back into the living room, the boys had made themselfs comfortable on the sofa. You reached down and put the beers on the coffee table. Again you felt your friend stare intensely at you, but not only she stared at you, Ashton was staring too. A soft smirk laid on his lips, looking at your hips. You looked down and saw that the waistband of Ashton’s boxers were visable above your jeans. You had unexpectingly slept over last night at Ashton’s place and totally forgot to change when you got home. Unfortunately your friend had noticed Ashton’s gaze too, ‘’hey’’, she pointed between you and Ashton and you. ‘’No!’’ you exclaimed, she shook her head at you. ‘’Yes,’’ she exclaimed, ‘’[Y/N] you and Ashton are fucking!’’ All of the boys started laughing, you groaned letting your head fall into your hands. This was not the way you wanted to tell your friend you and Ashton were dating. ‘’You know?’’ Your friend asked, stunned. All the boys nodded, laughter dying down. ‘’How come I didn’t know!’’ Your friend asked you, ‘’how long?’’ she questioned immediately after giving you no time to respond. ‘’four weeks and two days’’ Ashton said, smiling up at you kissing your cheek. Your friend groaned ‘’great, thanks for telling me!’’, she shot you a smile and leaned back into the sofa giving you a thumbs up.

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first day of school outfit ideas???


lingerie encrusted with $6,000 worth of swarovski crystals and a floor length faux fur coat

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

4 years ago, Justin did his first show at MSG

4 years ago, Justin did his first show at MSG


Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”


Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.


How can anyone fucking praise the person who is leaking these pictures, yall can’t imagine how horrifying it must be to have such private photos all over the internet. Instead of praising that person maybe you should think of how fucking disgusting and creepy and terrible that hacker must be for doing such a fucking evil thing just for the money.


*Wears cute outfit but sees no one important, so wears it again the next day*