seoul sunset from my floor


Outside My Window // imvern

in which stiles is an amazing liar

i don’t get why news sites on tumblr tag or watermark paparazzi photos it’s not like they took it that’s just kinda like bullshit

oh my god i was at Zante last week, i wish i could go back :( it's so nice! if you get a chance, you should visit a part called Laganas in the evening, it's absolutely crazy there! :)

yeah i was there too! sorry i just read this message haha. yeah it’s beautiful. and i didnt go to laganas bc i went to zante with my parents and im going to lloret de mar in spain next week with friends so im gonna have a wild vacation then haha x

Phoebe Tonkin after tripping while arriving to SDCC // July 25th, 2014


niall: damn i look cute as hell rn *takes selfie* fuckin cute as fuck i love me

Jelenacrusin re blogged your picture!

(who is jelenacruisn) (why is this so important) Thanks for the notice babe 😘